I was just thinking about the unfortunate situation our captain is in and to be perfectly honest — sure, I mean…maybe Zelena wants to remove Emma’s powers but, I don’t think that’s her exact end goal. It’s very much like the secret about Neal that Pan told Killian. He played on Killian’s…


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All “villains” face their demons


Something I noticed in Jolly Roger is that all the redeeming villains on OUAT face their demons in a personified form. They must battle against them and destroy them to make a significant step in their redemption arc or to complete it. Rumple,Regina and Killian have come a long way since we first were introduced to them.

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I was just thinking about the unfortunate situation our captain is in and to be perfectly honest — sure, I mean…maybe Zelena wants to remove Emma’s powers but, I don’t think that’s her exact end goal. It’s very much like the secret about…


Emma Swan + Showing off her Mad Skills to Killian

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"When you invoked the name of your love in a selfish plea of redemption, I was able to curse you, more specifically, your kiss." - Zelena 3x17

I was wondering about the mechanics of this curse and the question can a TLK break a curse that is specifically designed as a…


BTS Pics vs Actual Scene | ep It’s Not Easy Being Green

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"Oh, but I hope she comes back someday.”


Killian Jones - putting Zelena in her place when it comes to his Lady Swan


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#yo this is some shit ain’t it#jfc#i’m sorry colin is one of THE best actors on this show#and people wonder why the writers are so invested in him#he is absolutely OUAT’s tortured hero#and he just plays it so well#that face is utterly devastating#i can’t wait for emma to just grab his face with both hands#and look into his eyes with so much love and affection#he deserves it#and so does she (via the-lady-swan)

The fight between Killian and Black Beard


I was re-watching the Jolly Roger last night and the symbolism of the fight suddenly dawned on me.  Killian was defeating the Captain Hook persona.  I mean, they blatantly dressed Black Beard up to look like our traditional version of Captain Hook.  To have Killian defeat him is symbolic of him moving forward, of no longer living in the past.

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